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FOSDEM 2013 (Brussels, February 2nd-3rd)

On this page we're planning our trip to FOSDEM 2013.


Name In Brussels From/To Wants to Share Hotel Room Travelling from (for joint traveling) Chances of attending
Jannis Pohlmann Fri-01 (~15:00) to Mon-04 (10:00) Yes (booked) Fulda, Germany (by train) 100%
Christian Dywan Fri-01 to ? Yes Bonn/ Köln, Germany 85%
Christoph Wickert Fri-01 to Mon-04 Yes (booked twin-room at Renaissance) Berlin SXF 100%
Simon Steinbeiss Fri-01 (11:20) to Mon-04 (16:15) Yes (booked) Vienna, Austria 100%
Peter de Ridder Fri-01 to Mon-04 Yes Near Amsterdam 99%
Stephan Arts Fri-01 to Sun-03 Yes (booked twin-room at Renaissance) Near Amsterdam 99%
Nick Schermer Fri-01 to Mon-04 Yes (booked twin-room at Renaissance) Near Amsterdam 99%
Jens Luedicke Fri-01 to Sun-03 No Aachen, Germany 100%
Mike Massonnet Fri-01 to Sun-03 No ? 99%
Steve Dodier-Lazaro Fri-01 to Sun-03 No London, UK 100%
Landry Breuil (gaston) Fri-01 to Sun-03 No Clermont, France 100%

Places to Stay

Last year we stayed in Renaissance Brussels Hotel. If you want breakfast (it's awesome!), better book directly at the hotel, they have a weekend special (99 EUR Double/night). If not, book through booking.com, they have better rates, but it seems like there aren't too many open twin rooms.

FOSDEM organizers have arranged some discounts or special deals like free wifi at certain hotels. Find the list on the FOSDEM website.

If you have time to search for alternatives, paste them here.

To and From

  • There's a direct bus-connection from the airport to the Renaissance. Simply take Line 12 (faster) or 21 (slower) to Place du Luxembourg, then it's just 2min walk to the hotel.
  • Map (from last year) showing off a few of the important places.

Meeting Point/Time

Last year we spent Friday afternoon in "The Beer Factory", Place Du Luxembourg, 6. (2min walk from the Renaissance.) We could simply meet there again, as most of us will be in Brussels in the afternoon. — Simon Steinbeiss 2013/01/29 10:18

  • I will arrive at 11:20 at Brussels airport, will then take a bus and will be at the hotel at 12:30 the latest (I guess). Meeting in the lobby sounds like a good plan if we all manage to get a room at the Renaissance. — Simon Steinbeiss 2013/01/06 18:29
  • I will arrive at 8:35 at Brussels airport. I'll try check in to get ASAP to get rid of my luggage. In the afternoon, Fedora will meet at "A La Mort Subite" before we attend the FOSDEM beer event in the evening. — Christoph Wickert 2013/01/09 17:31
  • I'll be in 'le central' pub http://osm.org/go/0EoS_axhX-- friday evening in case you guys are not too far away — gaston