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This page is about various merchandise vendors we used in the past or want to use at some point. You can find source images under http://www.xfce.org/downloads/xfce_artwork.tar.bz2 and http://www.xfce.org/about/artwork accordingly.



  • About: German online print shop
  • Pros:
    • fast production and delivery (a few days)
    • good cost-effectiveness (last order was about 19€ per shirt)
    • the logo is printed directly in the matter and not above
  • Cons:
    • Online
  • Examples: Last order by Enrico: Front and Back


  • About: European t-shirt print shop
  • Pros:
    • printing within 24 hours; in Germany: DHL, optionally Express
    • cheapest starts at 17,40€
    • no shipping fees within Germany for 60€ or more

Sticker / Pins

meinegrafik.de / Sticker

  • About: German print shop in Cologne
  • Pros:
    • local shop near to Enrico ;-)
    • Shop owner is pro Open Source Software and Xfce User, so he gave us some discount
  • Cons:
    • Sticker quality was not that good last time

werbetechnik-adwerb.de / Sticker

StyleButton / Pins

  • About: German button shop
  • Pros:
    • Good choice of sizes and kinds
  • Cons:
    • high minimum order for sensible price