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This page is used to list who's involved in which processes of the Xfce development and who's responsible for monitoring progress on each special interest topic. Please update your availabilities and responsibilities regularly!

Special Interest Groups

Core Dev: the team responsible for developing core Xfce packages, such as the Window Manager, Panel, Session Manager or Desktop. Membership is usually restricted.

App Dev: the list of people developing and maintaining Xfce apps. This team is rather large and most newcoming contributors can easily get involved by *adopting an orphaned app* (TODO link) or *developing a new app* that enriches the Xfce experience and *meets the Xfce philosophy* (TODO link).

Support: the team who provides support to users on the Xfce mailing list and IRC channel. Support often does not necessitate development skills and can be a good position for on and off contribution.

Bug Triaging: the people who keep the bug tracker clean by recycling old bugs, verifying bugs have enough information to be fixed, sending the bugs over to the right developer with the right priority. This role is crucial to optimise the time of developers but does not involve development skills.

QA/Testing: the group of people who regularly test snapshots of the Xfce development branches, and ensure regressions are spotted. Can involve setting up and maintaining build bots for continuous testing.

Sysadmin: the people who ensure our servers are running, including the website, bugzilla, Git, mailing lists, build bots, and who manage privileged Xfce accounts. Low workload but high availability and a longstanding involvement in Xfce are necessary.

Design/UX: the team in charge of identifying usability and user experience issues, and in providing guidance and evidence to UX discussions in the mailing list/bug tracker where the correct outcome is hard to decide. Does not involve any development skills. UX, design or human-subject research skills are useful. See the Design page.

Translation: the people who ensure all Xfce software is translated and who update translations on Git based on the translators' progress.

Security: the contact point for security breaches, security bugs on the bug tracker and discussions that require security expertise or risk assessments. Low workload but high availability required.

Releases: the people who should watch the release agenda and enforce feature freezes across projects and apps.

PR and Community: the people who are able to publish content on Xfce social medias, and who generally engage with the downstream and user communities when announcements ought to be made.

Contact Points

Here is a list of people to contact for asking about or joining one of the SIGs. If a contact point isn't listed here, the Xfce Development mailing list can be used.

  • Translation
  • Security
    • TODO: make a private security ML, for now list emails of the core devs + sidi@xfce.org
  • PR and Community
    • Xfce Development ML or Xfce User ML


List of actual provided services, and who is responsible/has the key for it:

    • Maintainers: knome, ochosi
    • Maintainers: knome, sidi (+JPohlmann)
    • Announces releases
    • admins/editusers privileges: ofourdan, JPohlmann, NSchermer, ochosi, jeromeg, landry, knome
    • Mailman
    • Maintainers: NSchermer + various, see Mailman
    • FluxBB
    • Jenkins
    • Maintainer: eric_the_idiot
  • Translations (Transifex)
    • Transifex
    • Maintainers: NSchermer, m8t
  • Xfce IRC channels
    • #xfce-dev: JPohlmann, jeromeg
    • #xfce: JPohlmann, sidi, killermoerhe, cavalier

Who Can Do What?

Below is the list of the responsibilities we're willing to take. Please update this page when you can no longer contribute to a team, so weak teams can be identified and new contributors recruited.

Core dev App dev Support Bugzilla QA 1) Sysadmin Design 2) Translation Security Releases PR 3)
Steve - sidi X X French X X
Landry - gaston X X X
Skunnyk X X
Pasi - knome X X Coordination + Finnish X
Matt - codebrainz X X X X
Silvio - killermoehre X Exhibitor at (East) Germany Linux Events
André Miranda - andreldm X X Portuguese (Brazil)
Robby Workman - rworkman X X
Tony - ToZ X
Eric Koegel - eric_the_idiot X X X
Simon Steinbeiss - ochosi X X X X
Harald Judt - hjudt X X X X X German
Nick - nick I have full access rights to all 4) systems, servers, websites. Also fairly good in coding/testing/releasing.
Andrzej - andrzejr X X X X
Julien - nodiscc X
Peter - cavalier X X X
Graeme Gott - gottcode X
Sean Davis - bluesabre X X X X X 5)
Your name - yournick
Xubuntu Team 6) X
Mohammad Ghasemi - mohammad-ghasemi X
Quality Assurance and Testing
Design and UX
Public Relations and Marketing
even stuff that does not have a column yet :-)
Can help with the release process, has access to xfce4-settings
can bring in the userbase/testerbase when needed