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Postler - Roadmap

This document is licensed under the LGPL 2.1.


∘ Proper nested IMAP folder support – IMPLEMENTED (needs testing)

∘ Wrap text lines in the message view

∘ Attachment support (incoming and outgoing)

∘ GPG support (may have to put this feature off till next release)

∘ Message list sorting? probably not, we'll see

∘ Messaging Menu support

∘ Notification and sound https://bugs.launchpad.net/postler/+bug/671538

∘ Sidebar Progress bar, (like the DanRabbit mockup)

∘ Update message list as messages arrive

∘ Check for new mail at an interval

∘ Choose what folders to use for Sent, Trash, Drafts


∘ Show the correct received timestamp on messages

∘ SMTP fails on some smtp servers – FIXED (patch needs to be applied, and needs testing)