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Xfce4-panel 4.10 Roadmap

That are a bunch of (mostly small) feature requests in bugzilla under the 4.10 milestone. Just some highlights here.

[FINISHED] Deskbar Mode

To make the panel more flexible in vertical mode and also horizontal, it will get 2 new properties: number of rows and a deskbar mode. The rows will give more control over multi button plugins like the window buttons and allows packing “small” plugins in columns. Deskbar is a vertical panel with horizontal orientated plugins, this makes the panel much more efficient on large displays.

Work is done in the nick/deskbar branch and Andrzej's Github branch

Completed: 100%
Assignee: Nick, Andrzej
Difficulty: Moderate

[FINISHED] Merge actions and session plugins

There are a couple of plugins in Xfce that handle the session. The panel has the actions plugin, xfce4-session the xfsm-logout-plugin and there is the xfswitch-plugin. Since this is all very generic, it makes sense to put this in a single plugin to avoid confusion for users.

Completed: 100% 81a2d7
Assignee: Nick
Difficulty: Easy

Other small but noticeable changes

See NEWS file for the 4.9.x releases.