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Xfce4 Power Manager 1.1.0 Roadmap (Xfce 4.10)

Provide dbus service for power actions

  • Remove the non longer supported org.freedesktop.PowerManagement spec
  • Add a dbus service, org.xfce.PowerManager and provide all the power actions
  • This D-Bus service should be configurable, so the user can configure it via xfpm or xfce4-session.
  • Check user authorization
  • Good error reporting
  • Maybe the service can be terminated so it is not running on the background. Could be useful for desktops that only use Xfpm for shutdown actions (and cancel the logout, so only the can-shutdown method is queried).

Completed: 0%
Assignee: Nick
Difficulty: Moderate
Code: nick/upower-session


  • Remove the dbus calls with their ugly GType creation and rely on libupower and libpolkit = less code to maintain
  • Consider using dbus-binding-tool for making bindings that are not provided by the libraries.

Completed: 0%
Difficulty: Easy

Update documentation

Completed: 0%
Difficulty: Easy