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Symbolic icons for panel-plugins

This page is still a work-in-progress and currently not much more than a collection of notes!

Findings so far

  • Use standard icon names as much as possible
  • Use the new (Gtk3>=3.14) gtk icon encoder to convert symbolic icon svgs to pngs in the sizes you need them
    • Example of what sizes to encode symbolic icons to (note that 22px is excluded because 16px doesn't scale well to it.)
      • ./16×16/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png
      • ./16×16/status/mail-unread.png
      • ./24×24/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png
      • ./24×24/status/mail-unread.png
      • ./32×32/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png
      • ./32×32/status/mail-unread.png
      • ./48×48/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png
      • ./48×48/status/mail-unread.png
      • ./scalable/status/mail-unread-symbolic.svg
      • ./64×64/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png
      • ./96×96/status/mail-unread-symbolic.symbolic.png