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Thunar 1.8 Roadmap (Xfce 4.14)


  • Components ported to GTK+ 3 (100%)
  • Replace dbus-glib with GDbus (100%)
  • GObject Introspection for Thunarx (100%)
  • Port TPA (Trash Panel Applet) to GDBus (100%)
  • Fix deprecations (100%, summary)
  • Custom Action Hotkeys (100%)

Development Plan

  • Thunar 1.6.x (the last gtk2 version) should be maintained in the xfce-4.12 branch.
  • Thunar 1.7.0 should be released as a development release
  • Track pending issues on bugzilla with the following target milestones:
    • 1.6.13: Existing bugs, no new features.
      • Fixes should be applied to master and xfce-4.12 branches.
    • 1.7.0: Port related bugs and regressions, no new features.
    • 1.8.0: New features.
  • Once things are stable enough, Thunar 1.8.0 will be released

Known Issues

  • Find a better solution for icon themes without 'inode-directory' icon (e.g. Adwaita) and remove hack (Original discussion, Hack Commit)
  • Icon view label missing ellipsis or not wrapping (Bug 13973)
  • Scrollbars shouldn't start faded (Original Discussion, Fix)
  • Killing thunar as well kills all processes started via .desktop files (bug 14277)
  • Check interop of instances running with –daemon and –gapplication-service (Original Discussion)
  • Context menu misplaced (Bug 14216)
  • When Thunar fails to start because a gtk2 instance is running, display a dialog: “Failed to start: an incompatible version of Thunar is already running” (Original Discussion),
  • Unable to run as root (Bug 13884)
  • Segfault when pressing “folder up” on pathbar if the parent folder is not yet a visible element of the bar (Bug 13987)
  • After this commit, the pathbar right slider is hidden when a long path is reached and its right border is not visible.
  • Whenever a folder is open, the pathbar expands and shrinks quickly. Only happens while using Arc, theme issue.
  • When using Adwaita or Greybird, there's ugly 1px spacing between buttons
  • Device mounting spinner and eject button take too much space (Original discussion, Upstream bug)
  • Pathbar is not visible when Thunar window is small (Original Discussion)
  • Proper investigation of the delay on logout (Bug 13726)
  • With xfconf 4.13, when resizing Detailed List columns, lots of warnings are printed and eventually Thunar crashes. (Xfconf bug)

Previous works

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