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Thunar GTK3 deprecations

Deprecations and warnings found in baf9922

Deprecated functions related to the items below will not be handled in this cycle:

  • gtk_action_*
    • GAction is not a straightforward replacement
  • gtk_image_menu_item_*
    • Gnome decided to remove icons from menu items, Xfce didn't.
    • The official workaround (wrap an image and label in a box) results in an ugly left padding.
  • gtk_radio_action_*
  • gtk_status_icon_*
    • Gnome decided to drop tray icons, Xfce didn't.
  • gdk_threads_*
    • Drawing only on main thread requires lots of refactoring.
  • gtk_ui_manager_*
    • GtkBuilder is not a straightforward replacement
make clean && make 2> build.log

grep "warning:" build.log | wc -l
1 (out of 1336 when merged)

grep "warning:" build.log | cut -d: -f5 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r
1  ‘gtk_widget_get_style’ is deprecated