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Branch (master): https://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/




  1. maximize a window
  2. bring a small window that does *not* cover the panel to the front/focus
  3. click to open a menu and then to close it
  4. the panel jumps out and in again in this case (in Gtk2 it simply remains visible, which is the correct behavior)


  • fix broken internal plugin preferences dialogs (Simon)
  • no “walking ants” when opening the panel prefs dialog
  • re-add autohide features (intelligent hiding) (Simon)
  • incorrect panel icon sizes in directory menu, window menu, show desktop (esp. Adwaita)
  • the panel has no “outer border” drawn like before (was part of the “draw” callback and done with cairo) - (Simon)
    • panel border is not updated on style-changed signal (i.e. when changing themes)
  • fix mess with theming/background colors/transparency - mostly done with only CSS now! (Simon)
    • panel has to be hovered after startup to get correct foreground color/state fixed in Xfwm4 master
    • the gtkstatusicons (i.e. the systray icons) all have broken background colors
    • background partially transparent when the panel is unlocked
  • re-add exo to plugins that need it (or better: use glib instead)
    • windowmenu
    • applicationsmenu
    • tasklist
    • directorymenu
  • panel icon initially invisible on hover (esp. Adwaita). Affects launchers, action buttons, directory menu, window menu etc. Icons briefly invisible during hover animation.
  • desktop switcher (pager) shows no highlight on mouse hover or for active desktop
    • fallback set which fixes bright themes, any theme can override / fix the default set by the panel plugin
  • tasklist:
    • problems with redrawing when enabling/disabling labels
    • problems with redrawing when changing grouping settings
  • Replace GtkStock
  • separator-plugin:<del> * <del>re-add the dots style
    • fix the handle style
  • applications menu plugin icon is missing at first startup?
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