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Xfce4-power-manager 1.6 Roadmap (Xfce 4.14)

Port to Gtk3

Released: 1.5.0
Assignee: Eric, Simon
Completed: 100%

Port to gdbus

Released: 1.5.0
Assignee: Peter
Completed: 100%


  • Use g_dbus_own_name?
    • The is asynchronous and handles aquire and loss.
    • It doesn't support “do not queue” for that same reason.
  • Use g_dbus_watch_name?
    • In many cases we could drop the name check completely.
  • Use gdbus-codegen proxies for all proxies?
    • This might brings some overhead as it registers to everything of that proxy.
    • It only brings a wrapper for the calls which split the first layer of GVariant.