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libxfce4ui 4.16 Roadmap

  • drop all remaining gtk2 dependencies / IFDEFS: DONE
  • Add dialog “quit confirmation message when multiple tabs are open”: DONE
    • Same dialog currently exists in xfce4-terminal and in thunar (see related bug)
  • Rebase xfce_dialogs on GtkMessageDialog: DONE
  • Add function to search for application icon (xfce4-session, xfce4-panel, etc): DONE


  • Add support for headerbars: DONE
    • Fix Settings Manager with headerbar change in libxfce4ui and set gtk-dialogs-use-header by default: DONE
    • Fix panel's add-item dialog with headerbar change: DONE


  • Extend dialog to show information about the system (CPU, RAM, Maker, Model, etc): DONE
  • Revamp the “about xfce” UI: DONE


  • New calendar widget that is less visually broken than the unmaintained GtkCalendar: POSTPONED

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