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Thunar 1.10 Roadmap (Xfce 4.16)


  • Extend Thunarx API to be able to use emblems in thunar-plugins
    • Potential user: rabbit-vcs. Looks like for Nautilus that is already possible.
  • Easy to hide menu bar, tricky to get it back (Bug 13868)
  • Store view settings per directory (Bug 3521)
  • Security problem with *.desktop files (Bug 13329)
  • Risk to delete stuff in tree-view on accident (Bug 14369)
    • Because tree view folders and files on the right both are highlighted, it is not clear which one is focused
  • Display better error-dialog on bulk renamer (Bug 14458)
  • Provide a collection of preinstalled custom actions, which can be enabled (Bug 15454)
  • Symbolic icons for sidebar (Bug 15685)
  • Replace systray file-operation progress item with statusnotifier


  • [ASSIGNED] Prepare for Gtk4: Replace GtkAction/GtkActionEntry/GtkUiManager (Bug 16654)
  • [ASSIGNED] Merge all context menus into one (Bug 14410)
    • Currently we have a lot of duplicated code regarding context menus, wrapped into GTK_IGNORE_DEPRECATED.
    • We should first unify the code, and possibly in a second step remove all deprecations
    • First sep will be to fix “Replace GtkAction/GtkUiManager” (Bug 16654)

Important Bugs

  • [ASSIGNED] Slow multi-file selection (Bug 14026)
    • Possibly related & needs fix: Edit –> Select all, than select a single file –> long delay + CPU load, only on detailed view)
    • Will be fixed as a side effect of “Replace GtkAction/GtkUiManager” (Bug 16654)


  • On multi-file select, only the last one is opened (Bug 2487)
  • Replace deprecated G_FILE_MONITOR_EVENT_MOVED in ThunarFile and ThunarFolder (Bug 16328, More details)
  • Notification loop between xfsettings and thunar (Bug 15305)
  • Ghost files remain after moving files on a sftp remote (Bug 15704)
  • Quit confirmation message when multiple tabs are open (Bug 15758)
  • Custom action keyboard shortcut doesn't use the current, selected, path and file (Bug 15119)
  • Revert gtk2 / gtk3 compatibility fixes
    • Needed only when thunar gtk3 is started while a thunar gtk2 daemon is running.
    • Probably can be removed now: Commit 1 Commit 2


  • Use xfce4-notifyd instead of LIBNOTIFY
    • Reason: a more generic dependency is preferable thunar users running in other DEs than Xfce. Also, what are the benefits anyway?