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Xfce Panel 4.16


  • Add dark theme switch in Appearance tab: DONE
  • Auto-hide animation (fade-out or move-out): DONE
  • Drop support for Gtk2 plugins and drop all related code: DONE
  • Fix border drawing to not only draw one outer border, but panels with <100% width should also have a left and right border: DONE
  • Switch to xfce_gtk_image_menu_item (libxfce4ui 4.15.2)



  • Consider adding it to the panel as an internal plugin, merging it with the systray plugin to make the situation less confusing for users (the options for both plugins are pretty much the same).

Applications Menu

  • Add support for Desktop Actions on right-click context menus instead of submenus (maybe better to do this in garcon)


  • Add support for Desktop Actions on right-click (in garcon): DONE
  • Add support for Desktop Actions on right-click (in the panel): DONE

Workspace Switcher

  • Improve settings dialog (only show scrolling options when they apply, i.e. with the buttons)
  • Improve theming (see grouping indicators for dark/bright bg decisions plus stackoverflow)
  • Ensure workspace wrapping when scrolling is the same as general workspace wrapping (possibly offer a setting in the properties dialog) - currently we ignore wnck wrapping
  • Add more options to workspace cycling (including disabling it, if libwnck allows for that)
  • Add option to show workspace numbering on buttons: DONE




  • Move grouping options to a separate - dynamically added - tab
  • Offer more options (hide group indicator, possibly re-add text style)
  • Add option to keep mouse-wheel cycling within the group (so you switch between the windows of one application only) - or adjust the cycling logic to prioritize groups


  • Support the custom icon size users can set in the panel (just make the entry in the systray insensitive and add a tooltip/infobar)
  • Support for symbolic icons: DONE