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Xfwm4 4.16 Roadmap

  • Implement “cross-display tiling”, so if you have several displays in extended desktop mode tiling will continue and just shift a window a display further if it hits an edge (Issue 181).
  • Keyboard shortcut: Move active window to display with mouse pointer (Rationale: When using multiple, large displays, it may be helpful to be able to quickly “summon” the active window to where you're already looking.)
  • Keyboard shortcut: Move all windows to display with mouse pointer (Rationale: E.g. when connecting a projector you want to be able to quickly make sure nothing is shown there.)
  • Keyboard shortcut: Alt-tab in preview mode, fullscreen (“Exposé”)
  • Don't show window shadow on maximised or fullscreen windows (misleading if you have >1 display and the edge of the next display is blurry/dark) (Bug 16381): DONE

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