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String Review for 4.6

The 4.6 pre-releases include a lot of new user interface strings. They all need to be reviewed, and many will need to be fixed. English usage should be as consistent and correct as possible, including word choice, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

It is critical that this review is done by both native English speakers, and those familiar enough with the English language to make informed decisions about the above (meaning we need people who actually speak English in day-to-day conversation, and have actually written formally in the English language before).

We're planning on setting up IRC meetings to coordinate all this, but you can get started now. Below is a list of modules, some broken into several parts. If no one has worked on a particular row in the table, feel free to fill in your name and start reviewing. If you have questions, please ask! If you don't have SVN commit access, please create a patch (using “svn diff”). If you do have commit access, I'd prefer if you'd still create a patch so we can have a sort of multi-level review going on here. Open a bug on Xfce Bugzilla, attach your patch, and – here's the important part – tag the bug with the “string-review” keyword.

NB: Strings used in Xfce should attempt to conform to our style guide as closely as possible. (Note that this guide is incomplete and a work in progress.)

Module Status

Module: submodule Status Who's working on it?
libxfce4menu: (all) Done Jannis (sorry Aaron)
libxfcegui4: libxfce4kbd-private Done Jannis
xfce4-appfinder: (all) Done Jannis
xfce4-mixer: libxfce4mixer Done nightmorph - bug #4704
xfce4-mixer: panel plugin Done nightmorph - bug #4704
xfce4-mixer: mixer Done nightmorph - bug #4704
xfce4-session: settings dialog In progress kelnos
xfce4-session: session manager In progress kelnos
xfce4-settings: accessibility Done rworkman, kelnos - bug #4566
xfce4-settings: appearance Done rworkman, kelnos - bug #4566
xfce4-settings: display Done rworkman, kelnos - bug #4566
xfce4-settings: keyboard Done rworkman, kelnos - bug #4566
xfce4-settings: mouse Done rworkman, kelnos - bug #4566
xfce4-settings: settings editor Done kelnos
xfce4-settings: settings manager Done kelnos
xfce4-settings: xfsettingsd Done kelnos
xfconf: (all) Done squisher - bug #4770
xfdesktop: settings dialog Done kelnos
xfwm4: wm settings dialog Done nightmorph - bug #4703
xfwm4: wm tweaks dialog Done nightmorph - bug #4703
xfwm4: workspaces dialog Done nightmorph - bug #4703