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After the 4.8 release a number of critical regressions were discovered as well as plugins and applications that stopped working with either the new panel or library bumps. So this does not only include core components, but also panel plugins and other applications that are part of the Xfce project.

Most of the time only the individual developer knows about those problems. So to give it some wider attention and distributions (and users for that matter) can keep track of the bug status, this page was born.

The content is maintained by Xfce developers and new bugs can only be added when they have been discussed on the mailing list or on #xfce-dev. It obviously also needs a bug in the Xfce bug tracker, because this page only reflects the status and who's working on it, not as a place to discuss the particular problem.

Planned Releases

30 January 2011: 4.8.1 releases of xfce4-panel, xfwm4, thunar, xfdesktop, xfce-utils and xfce4-settings.

The Bugs


Name Problem description Bug # Assigned to Status
Xfce4-panel Window Button drag-and-drop regression 7142 Nick Fixed in xfce4-panel 4.8.4 and some related fixes in 4.8.5.
Xfce4-panel Window Button autogroup regression 7218 Nick Probably in 4.10
Xfce4-panel Notification area issues 7057 Nick Parts fixed in 4.8.1, another bug in 4.8.4.
Xfce4-settings Double-free when setting workspace names 7174 Nick Fixed in 4.8.1
Xfdesktop Renaming a launcher strips off the .desktop extension 7155 Jannis Fixed in 4.8.1
Xfdesktop Crash when cancelling copy operation 6876 Jannis Fixed in 4.8.1
Thunar-vfs Requires some old exo-0.3 code 6998 Nick New
Garcon Xdg data dirs are merged in the wrong order 7187 Nick Fixed in 0.1.6

Panel Plugins

Name Problem description Bug # Assigned to Status
Xfce4-weather-plugin Crash during start because it does not support rgba windows 6965 Jerome, Nick and Florian Fixed in 0.7.4
Xfce4-genmon-plugin Doesn't link against libxfcegui4 6769 Florian Patch available
Xfce4-cellmodem-plugin Doesn't link against libxfcegui4 6952 Unknown Patch available
Xfce4-mailwatch-plugin Doesn't link against libxfcegui4 6608 Florian Patch available
Xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin Doesn't link against libxfcegui4 6939 Florian Patch available
Xfce4-cpugraph-plugin Crashes 7247 Florian New

Thunar Plugins

Name Problem description Bug # Assigned to Status
Thunar-media-tags-plugin Not ported to thunarx-2 and exo-1 6295 Jannis thunarx-2 branch and patch for exo-1


Name Problem description Bug # Assigned to Status
Terminal High CPU usage and memory leak 6921 Nick Fixed in master, patch in bug until 0.4.7 is released