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Task Manager

Future Goals

  • Use gksu to restart the application as root
  • A settings dialog
  • A properties dialog to inspect processes with information like lsof
  • Running debugging tools like gdb/nemiver or strace
  • Switch between liststore and treestore
  • Add a menu bar (optional Ctrl+M)
    • Menu item to switch to another view with monitors for network/disk io/etc
  • Retrieve application icon/name without windows/without libwnck – has to work for graphical applications hidding in the background / notification area

Floating Ideas

  • API changes:
    • Replace memory_buffer and memory_cache with memory_inactive
    • Add datetime of process execution
    • Add pid_is_daemon() in order to display a skull icon in front of uninterruptible disk sleep / daemonized tasks
  • Update the status icon with a graph
  • Application actions “Bring to front” and so on with an optional dialog for n_window > 1 (libwnck)
  • Show CPU usage text “insensitive” when 0% – makes it easier to distinguish if yes or no a process is using CPU cycles
  • When terminating a task, unselect the row


  • Toolbar style with label/icon/both
  • Show/hide application icons
  • Prompt for terminating tasks
  • Draw monitors without borders (gtk_paint_box)
  • Allow custom user-settable signals

User Suggestions ;-)

  • Add a text entry to filter tasks
    • It is already possible to type in the tree view and type up/down arrows to jump from one task to another, which is more than enough
  • Draw multicore and Mem/Swap with several lines on the same graph (cf uber-graph)
  • Allow keyboard shortcuts, possible user-settable, ideally with delete key defaulting to killing selected application.