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Xfmpc Roadmap


Released: 2009.03.28

Fullfill the basics of the player.


Released: 2009.09.03

Rewrite objects into Vala (still C+GObjects but the code will be simpler).


Released: this year maybe (talking about 2010)

Polish the basics of the player.

  • Background color for the current playing song
  • “Repeat track” and “Stop after current song”


Released: no release date due

Xfmpc Goodies – Plugins by using Vala.

Plugin ideas

  • Artwork
  • Lyrics
    • Note about LyricWiki, due to licensing issues it is not possible to use the LyricWiki API anymore
  • Tweaks
    • performs unsupported behaviors to the player like “repeat one track”, “random album”, “stop playing at the end of song”
  • Playlist and Streamlist management
    • new right click menu items to add songs from the current playlist and/or db browser