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Xfce Settings

This page documents the different settings available through Xfconf since Xfce 4.6 and later.

At the time of the writing it is very incomplete.


To get started here are a few examples of the mighty tool “xfconf-query.”

List the channels:

xfconf-query -l

List all of the properties and values of a channel:

xfconf-query -c <CHANNEL> -lv

Create a new property:

xfconf-query -c <CHANNEL> -p <PROPERTY> -n -t <TYPE> -s <VALUE>

Change an existing property (same as previous but without the -n):

xfconf-query -c <CHANNEL> -p <PROPERTY> -s <VALUE>

As Xfconf won't list any unset properties on a channel, it is needed to grep the source. This means downloading a project – cf. http://git.xfce.org/ –, and use commands like “grep xfconf_channel_set *.c.”


X Settings

Channel: xsettings

Property Name Type Values
/Gtk/ButtonImages bool
/Gtk/CanChangeAccels bool
/Gtk/ColorPalette string
/Gtk/CursorThemeName string
/Gtk/CursorThemeSize int
/Gtk/FontName string
/Gtk/IMModule string
/Gtk/IMPreeditStyle string
/Gtk/IMStatusStyle string
/Gtk/IconSizes string
/Gtk/KeyThemeName string
/Gtk/MenuBarAccel string
/Gtk/MenuImages bool
/Gtk/ToolbarIconSize int
/Gtk/ToolbarStyle string
/Initialized uint
/Net/CursorBlink bool
/Net/CursorBlinkTime int
/Net/DndDragThreshold int
/Net/DoubleClickDistance int
/Net/DoubleClickTime int
/Net/EnableEventSounds bool
/Net/EnableInputFeedbackSounds bool
/Net/IconThemeName string
/Net/SoundThemeName string
/Net/ThemeName string
/Xft/Antialias int
/Xft/DPI int
/Xft/HintStyle string
/Xft/Hinting int
/Xft/RGBA string

Keyboard Shortcuts

Channel: xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts

This channel is special, and should only be used through the GUI, since it reads keyboard characters from the keyboard layout like <Shift> and <Alt>.

It contains a string array in the property /providers that lists the group names. Each group contains a serie of default and custom shortcuts in the properties /<group-name>/default/<shortcut> and /<group-name>/custom/<shortcut>. The property value of each shortcut is respectively the command to execute and the name of the window manager action.

FIXME what is /<group-name>/custom/override useful for?


Pointer Devices

Core Applications





Channel: xfce4-session

Property Name Type Values
/general/SaveOnExit bool
/general/AutoSave bool
/general/PromptOnLogout bool
/shutdown/ShowHibernate bool
/shutdown/ShowSuspend bool
/splash/Engine string

Goodies Applications