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Integration Testcases

Before doing a release or merging a substantial patch, it might make sense to run some test cases to compare the current thunar behavior/performance with the latest release. That is, in order to prevent regressions.

For all tests, do the following:

  • Enable folder specific setting
  • Enable intermediate files on copy
  • Enable thumbnailing (Always)
Memory Leakage
  • Run all below testcases with “valgrind thunar/thunar”
  • check used ram of thunar in taskmanager after each test and compare with previous thunar version
    • Ram at least should not increase dramatically
  • Build thunar with
    ./autogen.sh --enable-debug=full
  • Check if any leakage is reported during testing (report done when closing thunar)
  • See the last post of this issue for known leaks. Make sure no new leaks were added.
  • Preparation for testing
    • Create
    • Open a folder in list view + shortcuts pane
    • Open the same folder in icon view + tree pane
    • Open a terminal in that folder
  • File IO
    • File Creation: for i in {1..20000}; do touch “$i”; done
    • STRG+A on both views to select them all
    • File Deletion: for i in {1..20000}; do rm “$i”; done
  • Trashing1
    • Empty trash (to get a clean start)
    • for i in {1..500}; do touch “$i”; done
    • Select and copy them all (STRG+A + STRG+C + STRG+V)
    • STRG+A + right click –> trash
    • Press Undo
    • Press Redo
    • Open trash folder with both windows
    • Empty trash
  • Trashing2
    • This one currently freezes thunar for ~10sec (issue #141)
      • mkdir test && cd test
      • for i in {1..10000}; do touch “$i”; done
      • gio trash *
  • File Monitoring
    • Each terminal command should update the thunar views accordingly
    • Open a folder in list view on some local folder + shortcuts pane
    • Open the same folder in icon view + tree pane
    • Open a terminal in that folder and create a some files
      • touch file1
      • touch file2
      • touch .hidden
    • Open all files as well in the bulk renamer
      • mv file1 ..
      • mv ../file1 .
      • Hidden files - Do the following first with show-hidden enabled on both windows, and then with having it disabled
        • mv .hidden hidden
        • mv hidden .hidden
      • Save file via mousepad (creates some temp files and then replaces the original one via rename/move)
      • Create and enter some folder foo. Press back and then rename that folder via F2.
      • Sort files by date in both views
      • touch file1 should bring file1 to top
      • touch file2 should bring file2 to top
      • Check if the same works if saved via mousepad
      • rm .hidden (try that with and without having hidden files enabled in both views)
      • for i in {1..1000}; do touch test; rm test; done (no ghost files should remain)
  • On a gvfs mount
    • Open some folder at sftp://user@localhost
    • Create, rename, delete a file via thunar (The changes have to be visible in thunar)
    • Open the same folder via local path. A file created there should show after F5