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Reorganizing translation works

Starting point / Ideas

Note: this is a rough idea, dumped off the xfce-dev mailing list for documentation purposes.

Xfce's i18n infrastructure and documentation has lot's of old stuff, many things unmaintained but truly a lot of useful gems grown throughout the years. So following up here is a proposal for reorganizing i18n in Xfce, split into two phases.

A. Short term

  1. Dump mailing lists. One list (xfce-i18n) is enough and for language-specific questions, discussions a short [LANG] tag added to the email topic should do the distinction job. Bonus: questions might be answered quicker as more people read them.
  2. Before dumping email all lists subscribers directly and (of course) telling them about. Plus asking them if they are on this list already and, which is even more important, if they would like to help out on Transifex.
  3. Transifex needs coordinators for every language. If there is no one coordinating a language there should be some “super-coordinators” as backup. These persons shouldn't be devs or at least not core devs. Stacking work leads to problems.

B. Long term

Note: these points are mostly RFC!

  1. Ease up the introduction process. Someone dropping by at Transifex sees the need of some translation work in his language. If he decides to register at TX, to join team *and* do work: yeah, cool! But forcing him to additionally join the mailing list and introduce himself is a major blocking thing. I guess it's something from the pre-Transifex days where quality assurance had to be done manually. But with the split of translators & reviewers over TX this should be obsolete.
  2. Wiki needs clean up. There are lots of really, really useful things. But as well there is lots of ancient, outdated stuff. Unfortunately most stuff is mixed so there needs to be manual work done. TBD: a process of cleaning up, either dumping everything and rebuilding or the other way around.
  3. Revise the use of Transifex. It's not self hosted and it's proprietary but it does the job. There are up- and downsides of it so in the light of the Git hosting discussion TX should also be reconsidered *openly*.

Working tasks & resources (short term)

  1. Inform semi-active mailing lists in native language: Text in BR/DE/FR DONE
  2. Close semi-active mailing lists, grace time period 14 days DONE
  3. Inform non-active mailing lists (English should be enough) DONE
  4. Close non-active mailing lists, grace time period 7 days DONE
  5. Revamp docs…/contributions/translations/start DONE, nothing necessary

Working tasks & resources (long term)

  1. Easing up the join process. Current status: new join requests are reviewed manually.
  2. Cleaning up the wiki: in (early status of) progress