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Here you can post your website feature requests. There is no guarantee that any of them will actually be implemented. Please keep the Xfce philosophy in mind and add a small explanation why this feature would be useful or a description of the problem it solves.

Wishes that are struck through are implemented or rejected by the developer.

This list is meant to act as a working list for future additions, not to reopen discussion on features and things that are history.


  • matching website/wiki↔smf theme


  • Maximizing/minimizing application from applications activator on panel using mouse scroll
  • Add option to make just panel transparent(not with all content like icons and text), I offer my help (stanek.94)
  • Own art subsite like art.gnome
  • Monthly polls
  • Screencasts - we need a space to promote screencasts that show Xfce in action. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z39n5Tleo0A
    • comment by enrico: this particular screencast is more an advertisement of (X)Ubuntu than a demonstration of Xfce.
  • I am missing a wiki-feature like a checkbox for “watch this site/page”. You don't want to check 4 to X pages everyday to recognize a change once in every now and then…
  • Large portions of http://wiki.xfce.org/wiki/dokuwiki?s[]=dokuwiki point to nowhere, though users a searching/checking that subject! I offer my help (user: notmyname)!
  • Missing especially: