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XFC todo

XFC need more attention, beside normal debugging, and the following things are planed for XFC at the moment.

  • 4.8 update
    • The panel is more C++ friendly in this version
    • libxfceui
  • Easy to use Cairo widget
    • The Drawable widget has got a “get_cairo_context”, see example/ui/cairo.cc.
  • Xfce Thunar extension

When we start using Gtk+3 in version Xfce 4.8.12, the plans for XFC (4.8) will change to :

  • gobject-introspection for auto generation
    • we hopefully end up have more than 90% of the code auto generated
    • this will keep XFC in sync more or less automaticly
    • all essencial Xfce libs will hopefully ends up having related gi data
  • C++11 wrapping
    • function template (generic function binding, and real lambda support)
      • ends up using only one way to attach signals
    • std promise signals (no more libsigc++)
    • extern templates (to keep footprint down)
    • gthread / std thread bindings
    • initialicers for list support
    • rvalue support

I hope that the support for introspection, may free up time for the more central elements.

Also note that XFC 4.6 and XFC 4.8 (Gtk+3) will not be compatible.