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This page centralizes information about the organization of the Xfce Directory website. Edit the page at any time to correct “bad designs” or to add new ideas or $whatever.

Two possibilities of deployments:

  1. A website directory.xfce.org
    • Adapt a CMS
    • Write plugins
  2. A namespace inside the wiki e.g. http://wiki.xfce.org/directory/…
    • To manage a team we can set up write access to the directory namespace
    • Write plugins

What is it about?

The Xfce Directory provides a simple interface to download quality content and minimize hours of search for a nice desktop. Unlike xfce-look.org, it will accept content after selection/decision by the team.


SVN repository

…/branches/xfce-themes = a selection of themes (svn external…)
…/tags/xfce_4_2_3 = follows the xfce release cycle


Each content is tagged, this gives us full possibility on content presentation.

Possible tags:

  • By category: xfwm4, gtk, xfce-selection, …
  • By color: dark, blue, …
  • Special: $meta-package, by-$member, user-contributed (anonymous), …

Image preview

We could attach a little bit of Javascript to preview a glimpse of a theme on mouse over. Or just a bit of Javascript to display a bigger resolution inside a tooltip.

Meta packages

Several selections (e.g. meta packages) of bundled themes. Idea: add configuration files for the panel, desktop, etc. as to provide different default desktops!


  • Index
  • Directories
    • Xfwm4
    • GTK+
    • Xfce Selection
    • Recent Additions
    • Select by tags
  • Packages
    • Xfwm4.tar.gz
    • GTK+.tar.gz
  • FAQ
  • How to
  • Propose content



  1. A little about message (whereami).
  2. Display a snap' of the content:
    1. 5-10 Recent Additions
    2. 5-10 Xfce Selection
  3. Links to Directories
  4. Links to Packages

Single content

A page for a single content. Useful for permanent link (paste on IRC, …).


A view ala Thunar icon view of all the files from a specific tag/category.

Select by tags form

The “Select by tags” form is full javascript featured (always retro-HTML compatible) and lets you filter out the content very quickly.

The Debian packages cloud web interface is lovely.


List of tarballs.


How to

A list of internal and external tutorials.

Propose content

This page is a form for anonymous users to propose content.


The team members follow the next workflow:

  • Accept the content
    1. Commit to SVN
    2. Upload a static tarball
    3. Send an email to the author
  • Reject the content with the most polite answer


Name by default anonymous (save name in cookie)
File select the tarball (must contain a README/AUTHOR/… file so we can contact upstream)
Tags select a bunch of existing tags
Upload Click!