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Current Directory FAQ draft.


  1. What are the motivations?
    • Xfce is a desktop environment that comes with core components and some applications. Xfce Directory provides a clean web interface to select quality data and is the first effort in good eye-candy selection for the end-user. While it focuses on themes, it will grow and focus on applications aswell with a selection of end-user applications.
  2. Can I join the team?
    • Sure, we always look forward for motivated people to maintain a bunch of data. You will need a good sense of organization, and little time to decide if data is qualified for the website.
  3. Can I upload content from another author?
  4. Will there be a rating system?
    • Not sure. A 5 stars rating by anonymous users is a possibility, but the tags are more interesting. Tags like good, very-good, awesome, … those tags are either admin-defined or by number of downloads (delta between two dates would be more accurate and avoid an eternel TOP 1).
  5. What is the Xfce Selection and how does it work?